*Activities may be a day ahead or a day behind, varying by class or assembly. For the most part this is the order the lesson is taught. Anything labeled classwork, cold read or quiz is subject to be graded.

Feb 19-23
Mon: No School
Tues: Read 115-119 and answer questions
Wed: Read 121-125 and answer questions
Thurs: Discuss and notes
Fri: Words to Know (graded)

Feb 26-Mar 2
Mon: Read 150-157 and answer questions
Tues: cont from Mon
Wed: Discuss and notes
Thurs: 152 Do the Math and 157 Chart
Fri: Draw a picture representation of how photosynthesis works.(graded)

March 5-9
Mon: Read 158-165 and answer questions
Tues: 165 graph
Wed: Food chain web project
Thurs: cont food chain/web project (graded)
Fri: Words to Know (graded)

Feb 12-16
Monday: PowerPoint/draw and label plant/animal cell (graded)
Tuesday PowerPoint - write opinion Is bacteria good or bad?
Wednesday: PowerPoint
Thursday: create Punnette Square
Friday: Seed bags